Friday, 5 October 2012


View from Guy's Tower
The photo (above) is the view from Guy's Tower looking down to the spot in Mill Street where I was standing yesterday. The entrance to the Castle is on the left across the moat, through the gatehouse to the courtyard on the right. Caesar's Tower is in the background. 

Below is the view from the steps going up to Guy's Tower.  Tomorrow will be the last day in this series with a couple more photos from a garden in Mill Street.  

Gatehouse, Caesar's Tower, Great Hall & Staterooms 
(left to right)
Note:  When we have family visitors Warwick Castle is always on the list of places everyone wants to visit.  The photos I am showing you today were taken by a family member visiting from Australia in September, 2009.  I like them so much, so I asked if I could use them today.  Hope you like them too.



These are stunning and glad your family didn't mind sharing photos! I love the homes in that first photo - really gives a sense of scale. (Lovely new blog look, I've been procrastinating on updating mine but you're inspiring me:)

LOLfromPasa said...

Aw...thank you, Lulu. Some one in our family is going to be flattered :). (When I started my blog a year ago this was the background I used. Lately I have had a dark blue line appear on my old background so that caused me to try some changes.)

TheChieftess said...

I love the top view!!!