Wednesday, 29 July 2015


...with 3 fighter jets out training (I hope).


This was taken recently when we had an outing to the seaside.
You often see these jets (lower right corner) training off the coast in Lincolnshire.
They sound loud.

By the way, those clouds are a daily feature here in Coventry.
At least today we had no rain and it was actually 'warm' :).

It takes about 2 1/2 hours to drive to Mablethorpe from Coventry.

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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

The Shakespeare Express

Snow Hill Station
Looking up Cromwell Street, Birmingham

4965 Rood Ashton Hall Steam Train 

Built in 1929 for the Great Western Railway.
 The photo above was taken at Snow Hill Station
looking between the engine and carriage.

Below is the full view taken at 
Stratford Upon Avon Station later in the day.

On Sunday we had a fun day taking a
steam train ride from Birmingham to
Stratford and back.

Unfortunately, it rained a good portion of the day.
The couple of hours we had in Stratford was
spent taking short walks with plenty of stops for tea!

If you fancy a trip on a steam train like this,
please follow the link for The Shakespeare Express.

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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Across The Street

Mill Street, Warwick
Taken last week.

These timber framed houses are lovely but what gets me
is the sight these homes have from their front doors....

...Warwick Castle.

There is a big wall between the Grade II listed homes in Mill Street
and the castle.  I did use a zoom lens here but believe me,
the castle does look that big when you are standing in Mill Street.

  Below is a photo I used in my blog
in 2012 taken from Guy's Tower (tower with flag - above) looking down to where I
am standing in the top photo.  You can see Mill Street and
a little of the timber framed buildings.

It is nice to get these three photos together on one page.

Warwick Castle is about 20 minutes from Coventry.
Well worth a visit!!!!

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Friday, 17 July 2015

Top Of The Tower

St Mary's Church

The skyline of Warwick is dominated
by this magnificent church tower.  

For more about St Mary's Church,
please click the link HERE.

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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

The Royal Station - Wolferton

Wolferton Train Station is a tad over 2 miles from
Sandringham (the Queen's Country Retreat).
Between 1862 and 1911 over
600 Royal Trains arrived or departed from
the platform below.

Parts of the station are now a museum.
When you visit, you will find a guest book,
leaflets and cards at the end of the public platform
right behind where I am standing (below).

The station closed in 1962.  The tracks are gone.
The waiting rooms on the left are now a private residence.
You are free to walk up the platform on the right and 
around to the main entrance (below).

The little building (below) is full a memorabilia
including wonderful photos of the station and Royal visitors.

The Signal Box (above) is Grade II listed.
Located just across the street from the station.

Below is one more look from the street
to the main platform.

And, just to be sure you are in the right place -
have a look at this great sign up the street from the station.

The house (above) was built as the Station Master's House.
It is Grade II listed.  Built in 1897.

My husband loves the old train stations. So do I.
If ever you visit East Norfolk and Sandringham,
save and hour to visit 

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

A Taste Of Hunstanton

Located on the East Coast of Norfolk, Hunstanton 
is the perfect seaside town to spend a day, or more.

Especially known for these unique striped cliffs (below).
You can walk down to the coast line from either end of the cliffs.
See the old Lighthouse from this angle - the town is beyond.

The cliffs are every bit as striking as they look here.

Plenty of beach, too.

The town is delightful with loads of shops,
restaurants and Victorian architecture.  

There is a wonderful walk through the gardens
along the cliffs known as The Wolf Trail.

The trail is dotted with interesting signs telling the story about
England's first patron saint, St Edmund -
a famous visitor to Hunstanton and more. (click image to make larger)

You can even stop for a cup of tea.

We did :).

(Below) Here is that lighthouse I mentioned earlier -
looking through ruins of St Edmunds Memorial Chapel
(built in 1272).

One last look at those magnificent cliffs (the town is behind me),

before we go to Fishers for fish & chip, and

then enjoy the sunset before heading back to our hotel.

Hunstanton is the only west facing town on the East Coast.  

Hope you enjoyed this brief visit to Hunstanton.  There is
so much more, like Old Hunstanton, those nature trails, etc etc.
We came here three times during our Norfolk holiday.

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Monday, 13 July 2015

Congratulations to Laura Davies

Dame Laura Davies, DBE, was inducted into the
World Golf Hall of Fame today.  This is a
wonderful achievement for a talent golfer who was born in Coventry.

Two Coventry Kids

I used this photograph back in 2012 
when my husband and I met Laura Davies at the Women's British Open
at Hoylake near Liverpool.  We have watched Laura
play golf several times here and in the USA (most recently this year in
Carlsbad, California).

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Please Rest Here

Wolferton Royal Station
Between Kings Lynn and Hunstanton on the 
North Norfolk Coast.

The thoughtful sign on the bench simply reads,

* * * * * * * *
This station was open between 1862 and 1966 and became famous
through its association  with the Royal Family.

I'll be back here during the week to share more about
this station and places we visited on a little break not far from Coventry.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Thatched Roof Thursday #84 - Priors Hardwick

School Cottage, London End
Priors Hardwick

Pretty even in the rain.
Mid to late 18th Century, Grade II Listed building.

It has been quite a while since I added thatched roof cottages to this
series of photos.  I have to go searching for them now.
Found this one on Monday about 30 minutes drive from Coventry.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

The Name Is Correct

Port on North Norfolk coast of England

To make a long story short:  
Going way back (Domesday Book - 1086) the name was 'Guella' and by 1326 is was 'Welles'. 
There were many spring-wells rising through the chalk in the area.
The present name originated in the early 19th Century,
distinguishing it from other places with the same name.  
In 1857 it became known as Wells-on-Sea.
But, in 1956 the local Council voted to re-adopt the present name.

Taken at low tide looking back where the top shot was taken.  
The big boat on right is a restaurant.

Yes, it is a pretty port but what I am not showing you is:
 - A cute miniature steam railway that transports you to the beach
(or you can walk - about 1 mile, or go by car),
- The sandy beach with charming and colorful beach huts,
- An abundance of restaurants and shops,
- Or, the fantastic ice cream cone I enjoyed :).

If you go to London, great...but get yourself on a tour of the
Norfolk is a must!!!!

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Sunday, 5 July 2015

A Royal Christening

Princess Charlotte is to be christened today.
Since we visited Sandringham earlier in the week,
this is how I think the afternoon events will unfold
(with a little help from what I have read in the local newspapers).

Sandringham House, Country Home of the Queen

Everyone will meet here and walk
along a path (on the left) from the house
to Church of St Mary Magdalene.

Gates between Church and Sandringham House

These gates will open and the Royal Party
 will walk through.

 Church of St Mary Magdalene

The path and entrance to the church is on the left (above).

Church entrance.

 Inside Church looking towards the chancel (above) and
(below) Florentine marble font.

I do not believe that this font will be used for
Princess Charlotte's christening.  Instead
a rather grand 175 year old ornate silver gilt Lily Font will be used. 
The Lily Font (not pictured) is kept in the Tower of London.

Princess Diana was christened in this church.

St Mary Magdalene Church
Plenty of silver and beautifully ornate.

After the ceremony, it is back to 
Sandringham House for tea and cakes :).

There you have it - a Royal Christening.

Sandringham is a little over 2 hours drive from
Coventry in Norfolk.  Sandringham House is open to the public
between April and October and is well worth a visit.

Friday, 3 July 2015

My Sort Of View

Brancaster, Norfolk

Royal West Norfolk Golf Club

These photos were taken earlier this week when Mr LOL and I
spent a few days in Norfolk.  The coastline is
dotted with wonderful, picturesque villages not far from the seaside.

In the photo above you can see this amazing
links course is just beyond me.  That fence runs along the top of sand dunes.
In the photo below you can see more of the beach and the North Sea.
The big building is the clubhouse for the golf club.

Brancaster is a good 3 hours from Coventry.
We stayed in the area for three nights.  I'll share
more photos from this area early next week.

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