Wednesday, 31 October 2012

P is for PARKES, a Coventry Gladiator

My offering for ABC Wednesday:  It's Halloween and what could be better than a gravestone, a real gravestone, in memory of a real gladiator by the name of John Parkes.  

the inscription reads:
“To the memory of John Parkes, a native of this city he was a man of mild disposition. A gladiator by profession, who after having fought 350 battles in the principal parts of Europe with honor and applause, at length quit the stage sheathed his sword and with Christian resignation submitted to the grand victor in the 52nd year of his life Anno 1733”.

A Gladiator you say?  The BBC put together a wonderful paper telling us all about John Parkes....have a look HERE.

Walkway to Old and New Coventry Cathedral
John Parkes memorial to the left
For more 'P' photographs follow the link to ABC WEDNESDAY and Happy Halloween !!!


Paul in Powell River said...

Never knew such a thing existed, so thanks for the link. And really like the walkway shot.

Kate said...

PARKES is a PERFECT POST for today! He led quite a life! Kate, ABC Team


I can't wait to read his story, what a tale! Happy Halloween (belatedly) and thanks for a perfect P pick.

Paul B said...

Its easy to forget that it is not that long in the past that to be handy with a sword might be more than just handy. I have the sword that my uncle wore in the army in WW2 but by that time it was purely for ceremonial use.

Roger Owen Green said...

love the history of cemetery tombstones

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

LOLfromPasa said...

I got quite excited when I was told about this gravestone. A chap told me (thinking I was a tourist) to check it out. It is an incredible story.

Thank you so much for leaving a comment. And, Lulu, Happy Halloween to you too.

Chubskulit Rose said...

I never heard of this till today, interesting.

P is for Project
Rose, ABC Wednesday Team


I swung back to finish reading the Parkes BBC article, what a story!! I can't wait to share with Mr. L, he loves that kind of thing:) p.s. So cool about the Princeton professor - Mr. L knows him via work and said he's a pretty big environmental science guy.

Adele said...

Have only read a bit, but so interesting!! Will sit down with coffee now, to finish up. Beautiful photos!

bettyl said...

I love it when there's a bit of history with a photo. Thanks!