Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Port San Luis, California

A few more holiday snaps from our USA trip
last month.  Port San Luis, California, is
just off Pacific Coast Highway north of Pismo Beach.  

A gem of a spot to stop for a cup of coffee and a walk along 
Harford Pier (where these photos were taken).  
We got a show too!
The cloud trail (below) is a satellite launch from
Vandenburg Air Force Base nearby.

The noise - unbelievable!
In the papers it was described as 
'a Delta 4 heavy rocket launch.'

Mr LOL and I had a bit of bad luck yesterday.
We are both okay but quite shaken after a big truck
hit our car sending us into a motorway armco barrier at speed.
After a day in hospital, I can hardly believe that we
were able to walk out with no broken bones but feeling quite sore.
No car now so there is a little sorting out to do.  
For a little while I will post when I can and keep on looking
out for your blogs in the meantime.
Cheers!  Take care and be safe!

Monday, 23 September 2013

My Tree On A September Morning

Yesterday was like summer.
Perfect day for a walk past my favorite tree.
The white spot on the top right is the Moon.
It looked so much bigger in person.

Those posts are found throughout 
Coombe Country Park indicating directions
of scenic views.  The path leads to
The Menagerie.

For more shots of this tree during the last 9 months,
Click on the label 'Tree Series' below.

Friday, 20 September 2013

The Winning Post...

...at Santa Anita Park, Arcadia, California.

See it?  On the other side of the race track
in black and white.
What makes this scene for me is that mountain range.

Here is a better shot of Mount Wilson with Mr LOL too.  
No mountains in Coventry, England.  Something I really do miss seeing.

It was a treat to visit Santa Anita Park (not far from Pasadena).
There was no racing, no public.  (Next racing - 27th September 2013.)
It felt like we had the place to ourselves.

Participating in Skywatch Friday and Ein Stück Himmel.

Have a good weekend everyone!
Will show a few more holiday pics next week then back to the Coventry scene.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Have You Read - Camelot & Vine?

I have and I loved it!

I bought the book in Pasadena on our recent trip.  
Then Mr LOL and I had the good fortune to meet
Petrea Burchard, author of Camelot & Vine.

Here's the proof.  

I first bought Camelot & Vine as a Kindle edition but I really wanted to have 'the book'. So off to Pasadena's famous Vroman's to make the purchase.  A few e-mails later...here we are at Marston's restaurant for the book signing :).

I met Petrea through her wonderful Pasadena Daily Photo blog (now known as Living Vicuriously) a couple of year's ago. Petrea's photos of Pasadena, in part, inspired me to join in the fun and start up my own photo blog.  Through her blog, Petrea, has shared plenty about her acting career, writing and photography. 

The blogging experience has opened a whole new world of friendships and fun.  It was fantastic for us to spend a little time with Petrea.  She is gracious, talented and we did have a laugh or two for sure!  

I'm not going to say how many photos we took
but I like the photo above a lot.  Makes me smile.
Please follow the link - Camelot & Vine. Explore the tabs.
Many thanks, Petrea.  We so enjoyed meeting you.

Participating in Our World Tuesday on a Wednesday :).

I'm taking the day off tomorrow.  Back on Friday with my favorite mountains.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Pasadena, California, USA....

...my hometown.

Yesterday, it was Las Vegas and today it is
Pasadena.  This shot was taken at dawn not long ago.  
Oh, I can just feel the warmth in the air
as I look at this photograph...it is freezing
here in Coventry :).

Come back tomorrow to see who I bumped into in Pasadena.
You will know her!

Monday, 16 September 2013

Hello Out There!

I am back.  Wish I could say I was rested but
the dreaded jet-lag has got the better of me.
Any idea where this was taken?

I'll give you a clue -
It is 5156 miles west of Coventry, England :).

Back tomorrow with something a tad less commercial.