Thursday, 28 February 2013

Thatched Roof Thursday #20 - Ansty

Last week I showed you Main Street, Brandon. This week it is Main Street, Ansty.  It is always neat for me to round a corner and see a thatched roof cottage in the distance.

Ansty village is dissected by a busy road. I can promise you that the speed limit of 30 mph seems a bit quick when you see how close these houses are to the road.

Wingletang (thatch on the left) is connected to The Whitehouse. Both are Grade II listed buildings. I am not at all surprised that the walls are less than bright white. Wingletang might not be the most elegant of cottages, but I still love it. To the rear is a canal and a view beyond.

I better get a move on. I think I found a photo for tomorrow's City Daily Photo Theme Day - Cafe Chairs. See you then!


SRQ said...

Love that curve and those homes nestled so close to the road. But, while I really like the appearance of it, I can't imagine living in one of those houses. I need a bit more of a setback. Good luck with your theme day hunt!


Oh, what a picturesque English scene. I'm continually amazed at your penchant for spotting thatched lovelies:) They look so storybook, yet exist right there on our modern roads, with (mostly) modern amenities!

Petrea Burchard said...

These are wonderful buildings. And I know what you mean about that list!

Daryl said...

i thought it said Antsy ... oy .... those buildings are very close to the road .. there's no street! see you tomorrow over at CDP!

Tanya Breese said...

i like it too! but yeah, you step out the front door almost into the road!

Deb said...

Charming looking street. Always loved the name Wingletang ever since I visited the Scilly Isles.

LOLfromPasa said...

We all too close to road :).

Deb - Wingletang is a new one to now I am going to have to look it up. Cheers.

Daryl - You had me worried for a minute thinking I missed typed Ansty. Phew...:).

Lulu - This scene is frequently disrupted with big lorries and fast moving cars. Pity! But still I love it.

Mark Savage said...

Hi, I live in Number 8 in Brandon, but funnily enough, I used to live here in Number 20!
Wingletang is actually at the back of the Whitehouse it was originally an extension for the son of the family to live in. When the parents died, they sold the Whitehouse at the front.
It used to be owned by the Adams family of Ansty hall.
And yes, it is very close to the road. However, as the road has been built up over 500 years, the inside is actually 3ft below the street level.
This makes it pretty quiet inside.
I renovated the old place before moving to Brandon for somewhere bigger.
At one time, the eyebrow Windows were symmetrical and it was the only house on the street. The bit to the left (thatched) is a 300 year old extension. And it was at some point split into 2. You can tell now by the front Windows.
Hope this helps!

susi SavageJordan said...

Loving this Thatched Roof Thursday especially as you have this one, The White House, the far end on the corner, which Mark Savage and I did up between 2002 and 2007. As well as our current house Goodrest cottage, Brandon. It was very unpleasant living so close to the road. Few drivers respect the 30mph limit, the Windows and Wales were constantly splattered with dirty water from the road. We painted the house at least 3 times in 5 years and had to wash the Windows every week or so.The house actually shakes when trucks thunder past. Such a shame for such a lovely historic building.Thanks for the photos

LOLfromPasa said...

Thanks to Mark and Susi above for so much additional information about this house and a mention of thatch in Brandon too. Wonderful!