Thursday, 6 February 2014

Thatched Roof Thursday #57 - Stoneleigh Village

Nothing worse than waking up on a Thursday morning and
realising that I have no thatched cottage photos and it is raining!
Off to Stoneleigh Village in hopes that one home I had not
used before was not blocked off by cars or under construction.

Camera phone at the ready, I got these shots. 

I found the following description in an old 'for sale' listing which
describes this home perfectly:

'In part dating from the reign of George 1, this is a fascinating Grade 2 listed detached house situated in this perennially popular village. The original Cruck beamed thatched cottage with masses of exposed beam work was significantly added to in the 1990s to provide a sympathetically in keeping extension.'

I am happy with this.  Hope you are too!

Photos taken with a Moto G.


Kate said...

I am always happy with your thatched roof photos because they are beautifully presented and give me a glimpse into something I ordinarily do not see.

Jane and Chris said...

I'd love to have a peek inside that house!
Jane x

Mersad said...

Yes the roof is amazing (nicely caught too with your phone camera), but I also think that the facade is worth talking about. So interesting!

Mersad Donko Photography

Bill Nicholls said...

No shortage of Thatched cottages round here, or barns come to that. looks a nice little place


Your Moto G takes fab photos! Better than my old no-frills point-and-shoot:) Well, it says something about the photographer:)) This one makes me think of gingerbread houses - would love a glimpse inside too.

TheChieftess said...

I'll join the inside tour!!! What a great house!!! Looks big...would this be considered an estate house???

RedPat said...

The additions fit well with the original cottage.

Norma Ruttan said...

my daydream (or should I say far-fetched dream) is to live in a small cottage! I love the images for this week.

Deb said...

Very happy. You can't beat a cruck-beamed cottage for charm.

William Kendall said...

Very appealing homes, Lauren!

Jack said...

You found one! And a fine one at that. Good work, LOL.

Petrea Burchard said...

Thank you for my Thursday thatch fix!

Stephanie said...

Nice looking building!

Stickup Artist said...

The red of the building against the green of the grass is beautiful. It always seems to me that even if a day is grey, dark and gloomy, the rain still brings out colors.

Barbee' said...

And, just look at that green grass! We won't have that for a few months yet. All white for now.

Lowell said...

It's a gorgeous place but how do you get such great pictures with your camera phone. My phone pics look like some of the real early digital ones - real crappy!

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Well done Lauren.. phones these days take really good photos.. not mine of course because it's so old and used for calls and messages and that is all :) Not only did you find a thatch but it's a beauty..looks like it's just been raining, I've forgotten what that looks like :)

LOLfromPasa said...

Hi all...I am falling behind on thanking you for your comments. I appreciate them all.

Kate - Thank you. I am having to search for these now myself. Worth it when I find one.

Jane - Me too.

Mersad - Thanks. Considering it is only a 5 mega-pixel lens, I am surprised.

Bill - Thanks for the never know :).

Lulu - My Panasonic is still dead but hope to get it repaired. This phone has poor camera reviews but I am not complaining.

Chieftess - I'll ask if we can all have a tour!

Red Pat - I am amazed at how nice the extended part of the cottage has turned out.

Norma - Me too :)

Deb, William, Jack, Stephanie - Yes, box ticked for this week. Glad it came out okay.

Petrea - My pleasure!!!

Stickup - I agree with you. Red brick does the job.

Barbee - Green glass not under water in these parts is a bonus. I bet you have snow.

Lowell - I don't believe you :).

Grace - Ha ha! Yes, I bet it is ages since it rained in Perth. Good on you for having a phone that is just that - a phone. Makes life so much easier.