Wednesday, 17 July 2013

A Is For Art...

...of an unusual sort.

These photos were taken at an Art Exhibit at the Coventry Herbert Art Gallery & Museum last month. Exhibit titled - Wasted.

Dental records were at one time an important means of identification.  That for the most part has been replaced with DNA identification.

Artist Gina Czarnecki found a use for these dental casts which cannot be disposed of in landfill.

At the time I visited the Museum I found this exhibit interesting but a tad unsettling.

The only reasons I am posting this today is because I had a disaster of a day at the dentist. I am okay but disappointed.  No luck in blocking the pain thus my tooth couldn't be removed. I had so hoped that the saga would be over.

Here is the plan.  I'll let you know when the drama is over. Thank you all for your kind thoughts expressed recently. Appreciated. In the meantime, look after yourselves and see you tomorrow for Thatched Roof Thursday :).

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Fun60 said...

How awful to be suffereing from toothache. When I was a teenager my mother told me I ought to have all my teeth out and have false ones just like she did at that age!Like many teenagers I fortunately took no notice of the advice.

Linda said...

I do love the sense of humor of the artist—nice photo of the "teeth".


Lowell said...

I must say that is one exhibit I can really sink my teeth into!

A bad toothache is one of the most unpleasant experiences in this life...hopefully you can get relief soon!

Stephanie said...

I hope you will get through the pain of this tooth.

Interesting concept of the wall of teeth.

richies said...

That is unusual art!

An Arkies Musings

Roger Owen Green said...

Thanks for the art, but sorry about your ACHE!

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Petrea Burchard said...

I'm so sorry to hear you're still having trouble. This has gone on too long.

The art is apropos, unfortunately. But it's interesting.

Tanya Breese said...

oh no, i'm so sorry, you poor thing...i hope you get some relief soon :(

what an interesting exhibit and very timely one for you...hugs across the pond!

JM said...

This is fantastic! :-) And what a great perspective on top.

LOLfromPasa said...

Well I had a little bit of fun with this posting and I appreciate your comments. I am feeling better today. Antibiotics are kicking in. Thanks you for your kind words.

Fun60 - Wow, have all your teeth out - sounds pretty drastic. Bet you just decided to brush instead :).

Lowell - You got it :).

Tanya - Hugs received!

Hilda said...

Ugh, dental pain is just the worst kind of pain! I hope your ordeal gets finished soon.

w0rkingAth0mE said...

interesting artworks, have time to visit my ABC Wednesday