Tuesday, 18 June 2013

A Preview - Kenilworth

Last week I had lunch with a good friend who lives in Kenilworth (very near Coventry).  I asked her if there were any thatched cottages where she lives.  She said, 'Yes'.  And there is a castle too.  So today I got in the car and in about 15 minutes this is what I found.  A street full of thatched cottages on the right :).

Above are the shops and cottages on Castle Hill.
Turn around and you will see
Kenilworth Castle on Castle Road.

I took loads of photos but wasn't really happy with many of them because the sky was white.  It was warm out but very hazy.  I visited Kenilworth Castle years ago and simple do not remember all those great buildings to explore.  Can't wait to get back!

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TheChieftess said...

Such a lovely "urban" setting!!!

Marleen said...


Jackie/Jake said...

Gorgeous, makes me need a visit!!

Deb said...

Lots of potential there, great looking castle too.


Oh yay, you made it to Kenilworth! It's been over a year here, what lovely memories (we were attending a wedding:). I love that beautiful street. We stayed up the road at Milsoms Hotel, across the terrific Virgins & Castle pub:)

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the glimpse in your part of the world.

Chrissy Brand said...

Lovely report- your area is all quite new to me so always delighted to find out more Lauren. Maybe one day I will explore it as well in person ;-)

LOLfromPasa said...

Thank you once again, friends. I was amazed when I visited here, especially finding some more thatched houses. I will share one on Thursday.

Lulu - I did think of you when I ventured into Kenilworth. I recall you have been there too.

Chrissy - I'll meet you for coffee :).