Tuesday, 5 March 2013

New for Old

In recent months a lot of restoration work has been carried out in Coventry Cathedral ruins.  Not too long ago I asked this young stonemason if I could photograph him working on some replacement masonry to be used at the main entrance.   Lucky for him it wasn't raining that day!  

I think I know where this piece will go but I couldn't get close enough to get a photo.  Too much scaffolding.   I will have to wait until the work is completed.  (It's on the list.)

It amazes me how craftsman can just set up shop almost anywhere and get the job done! Well done!!


JM said...

Looking forward to seeing what the ruins will look like when the works are done.

Kate said...

We need too pay more attention to these talented craftsmen!


How nice to hear they are still tending to the Cathedral. I love your observation about these amazing workers, talent indeed. Can't wait to more when they're done!

SRQ said...

It will be nice to have before and after shots of this project. Anyone working in historical restoration has to be talented. By the way, I love that green moss growing in the background.

LOLfromPasa said...

Thanks all for paying a visit to Coventry.

There is plenty of moss about, SRQ...everywhere :). Lulu and Kate, thanks for reinforcing my thought about these skilled people...I worry they will disappear.

Nice of you to shop by, JM. I will get back to see what this young lad has been working on :).

Daryl said...

love these ... careful or they'll ask you to get a hardhat!