Monday, 17 September 2012

Shrewsbury, England

This is typical of the architecture to be found in Shrewsbury located about 66 miles from Coventry.  The buildings are simply known as 'black-and-white buildings'.

High Street, Shrewsbury

The building (above) on the left has a plaque which reads:  'Erected by Richard Owen the Elder Gentleman. AD 1569'. No blue skies on this day, but the flowers make up for that.

Across the street from the Owen mansion is the Old Market Hall which has this well-maintained Coat of Arms on it.  Those 3 creatures are known as loggerheads, the heraldic term for leopards' faces.  Interesting.

Coat of Arms of the former Shrewsbury Borough Council
Old Market Hall
I visited Shrewsbury on the way back from watching golf at the Women's British Open near Liverpool.  Tomorrow a little more from that drive home.



These are beautiful captures! That black and white building is beautiful, and I find those 3 faces rather enchanting :) You're surrounded by such richness of architecture and history.

Paul in Powell River said...

Beautiful! Even without the flowers, which help, but aren't needed.

Petrea Burchard said...

I've never seen a photo of Shrewsbury, and I've wondered about it since reading the Cadfael mysteries. They take place earlier than this building's date (12th century) but it's nice to think about it.

Adele said...

What a beautiful and interesting place! Now I'm curious about the phrase "(being) at loggerheads.".

Tanya said...

beautiful! reminds me of our hotel roanoke

LOLfromPasa said...

Thanks you all. I have always wanted to visit here and boy I wasn't disappointed. I must go back again.

So right, Adele. I had to google 'at loggerheads' and could find no Shrewsbury connection. Darn!

Petrea, I had to google some more to remind myself about Cadfael mysteries which later became a TV series filmed in Budapest???????.

Yes, Lulu, old buildings abound but sadly not in Coventry. We have a few but the war did do the City any favours.

You're right, Paul...building is beautiful.

LOLfromPasa said...

Tanya, not to be forgotten, I looked at the link. Very grand and very Shrewsbury is your Hotel Roanoke.

Petrea Burchard said...

Apparently 21st century Shrewsbury doesn't look like 12th century Shrewsbury, but Budapest does? I must visit!