Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Look Up - There Are Messages To Be Found

This is one of two small windows inside the tower of  Blue Coat School.  On the opposite side is a similar window with the words, 'Refurbished 1999'.  I love the design.  Photos below give you an idea of the structure from inside and outside.  It really does pay to look up...there are messages to be found. 

Blue Coat School, designed by James Murray in Gothic Style  

The new Blue Coat School (above) was built in 1856/7 over part of the remains of the medieval cathedral that was demolished by Henry VIII and which also served as the priory  church of the Benedictine monastery.  This building replaced the first school building (c1714-1855) which was structurally unsound by the mid 19th century.


Paul in Powell River said...

That bottom left shot is something else! Here in North America there isn't a single building built in the 19th century we'd designate as "new"! :D

Chrissy Brand said...

Great angle on that first one and lovely colours.

LOLfromPasa said...

Ha ha! You've got a point, Paul.

Adele said...

What an interesting history, and beautiful photography. I will have to spend more time looking up. :-)