Friday, 21 September 2012

Ever Wondered What 100 Tonnes Looks Like?

Here you go!  It looks like this.

Quantum Leap Sculpture, Shrewsbury
To Mark the 200th Anniversary of Darwin's Birth

This massive sculpture stands 12 metres high and 17.5 metres long with a weight of more than 100 tonnes.  What is it?  Well, that is open to interpretation. (I will go with 'vertebrae'.)  It was designed by Colin Pearce & Ranbir Lal and represents Charles Darwin's scientific ideas and his impact on the scientific world.

Quantum Leap on River Severn, Shrewsbury

And, here we have Charles Darwin Statute outside the museum and library which at one time was Shrewsbury School.  That's right, he was a student there. What is interesting to me is that this statute was unveiled in 1897.  Seems such a long time ago.

Darwin (1809 - 1882)

Have a super weekend everyone.  Cheers!


Paul in Powell River said...

That is a terrific work! And that first shot is a great perspective. Well done!

-K- said...

I don't quite get the Darwin theme but I enjoy seeing 100 tonnes looking so flexible.

Tanya said...

wow, that is impressive!! have a great weekend :)

Adele said...

It does seem a long time ago! Interesting sculpture, too. Have a great weekend!

Petrea Burchard said...

Very cool sculptures, both of them.

Paul @ Leeds Daily Photo said...

Its a great statue and unlike so many the subject is pretty well known