Tuesday, 29 May 2012

'The Blue Lamp' Post

Little Park Street Police Station

Here we have a traditional 'blue lamp' found outside most English police stations.  I am actually standing next to a very busy street close to the City centre.  You would never know it looking at this photo.  Between 1857 and 1969 Coventry had their own force.  They amalgamated with the Warwickshire Constabulary in 1969 and in 1974 Coventry changed again to the West Midlands Police.


Paul @ Leeds Daily Photo said...

I lived for some years next to a ploice when I was young and there was a similar blue lamp outside. By chance there is an old one outside a small former station a few minutes walk from where I now live.


A great shot of everyday life! Somehow, I managed to not notice these much. I'll be looking upwards to spot them next time I cross the pond.

Julie said...

This is most attractive, but perhaps is crowded out by the growth of the city. I gather it is an ongoing lamp, prompted neither by the Olympics nor the Jubilee.

The atmosphere around looks lovely and clear too ... and with a blue sky ... are you SURE this is the Midlands?

LOLfromPasa said...

Yes, this is the Midlands, Julie. The lamp post has been there for years, I expect.

I am going to look more closely now when I see a Police Station, Paul, to see if this Victorian feature is the norm. It most likely is.

Londonlulu - Have you ever seen the film, The Lake House. Wonderful film set in Chicago. One segment is a tour of the City with a message - Always look up. I have been trying to remember that piece of advice.