Thursday, 23 August 2012

Public Service Notice to Coventry Citizens & Visitors

Trinity Street, Coventry
Those nifty stainless steel bollards go down and up!  I witnessed a man (possibly a visitor to our fair City) fall over one of these beauties when it was going up after letting a maintenance vehicle pass through.  The man was looking the other way (not at me) and the shock on his face was a real picture.  He was not injured.  I have reported the incident.  So no comment needed today.  I am just being 'helpful'....hopefully.

PS.   Yes, I agree that lawn needs a light cut.



Love your lawn remark - how properly English to notice its condition! :)) I've seen these nifty bollards somewhere else in England (not London), and always wondered when they'd cross over the Atlantic - though that poor guy. I guess he'll never forget these can move!

Adele said...

I thought the lawn looked perfect! Interesting to see the old building, the older building, and the shiny new "bollards" (a word I'd never heard before!).

LOLfromPasa said...

Our discussion about 'bollards', Lulu, makes me wonder what we call these objects in USA.

Adele, Coventry City Council is going to love you and not be best pleased with me :).