Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Photo Blog Homework - Advice Please

At breakfast this morning :)

This was the scene this morning. Not the norm. I am doing my 'homework' - looking at photo blogs, responding to comments and making comments. Normally, I would do this when I am putting together my entry for the day - sitting at the PC (before dinner) for a generous amount of time. I go out taking photos almost every day.

This is my opportunity to 'go home' to Pasadena and see places near to Pasadena I love to visit. So enjoyable when you live so far away. I have also discovered neighbours here in the UK (they are on my blog list) that display wonderful images of places right on my doorstep. And, of course, there is are others with super photos from far and wide...Princeton, Valladolid, Sydney and so the list goes on.

A few month's ago I put my 'bravery' hat on and started commenting on photos and, bingo, I received comments back. Lovely! It is so much fun looking at your photographs, commenting and sometimes participating in an exchange of banter. I have made some friends here. Thank you.

I am glad I am all takes time. This morning I tried something a little different....hence the photo for today. I always check emails first thing so I responded to and commented on the photo blogs I follow. (These comments seem to generate a lot of emails anyway.) I notice that our blogs layouts are not uniform. Adele's, Sierra Madre blog above has a layout (Google, I think) where you comment and then Adele responds to each individually. Mine, and the majority, seem to list comments and then the author responds en block (possibly easier for me).

Here is the question: How do you manage your blog? Do you post and comment all at the same time? Or, break it up a little?
I am part of a small community which I hope will grow.  Some of you have hundreds of followers...blogging could become a job in itself.  So what is your routine?  I am hoping to keep this as 'hobby'.  A wonderful, fun hobby.  Thanks for your time.

PS.  That is toast with Marmite on it...ha ha! Over here there is an expression about Marmite - 'You either love it or hate it'.  I love it but used to 'hate' it!


Virginia said...

Well my blog hobby turned into a magnificent obsession long ago so I'm not a good one to advise I suppose. I'm retired and started my B'ham blog the month after (four years ago). I'm on and off the computer all day and night and just comment when I can. I should be more organized I suppose because I get behind with my visits. When you figure out a routine, let me know!

Julie said...

Here in Australia, we have toast with vegemite. Same colour, different flavour. However, I do believe that both need to be 'taken' as a child for the love to blossom!

Now to your question.

I prepare my post in the evening, because it takes some time. I have two sessions of commenting. One session in the morning, and one in the evening.All up, each day, I would spend between 3 and 4 hours working on blogs. I have two photography excursion per week, but would take photos most days of family and house.

I also do a lot of family tree work. This is THE major item on my 'bucket list'.

Valladolid Daily Photo said...

First of all, thank you for the link to my blog. I really appreciate it.

The DPB is for me a nice and creative hobby. I like photography although I don´t know almost anything about it. Many times I find myself trying to transform a simple picture into an interesting post. Sometimes I get it and many more don´t. But everyday I try to do my best. You should like and should have some discipline, because it is a daily publication.

Rob Mandy said...

Having more than one job, I usually do my posts the evening before, and program them to appear at midnight Spanish time. Not being easily able to check or browse anything during the day, all the time I have is usually half an hour. Been 3 years and almost 5 months.


Aw, thank you for the shout-out :) And I loved Marmite from the beginning, weirdly. Perhaps because I was used to another salty extract from childhood: Bovril!

I'm rather new to photo-blogging and work full time (plus teach on the side), so it's a hobby and I'm probably not the best to comment on managing time. I also take photos almost everyday and tend to comment & browse photos after work/pre-dinner. I take that time to also upload photos and write a new post or 2, which I queue up to post the next day. If I get a decent lunch break, I try to browse/comment then. Occasionally, if I'm working late and too wired to fall asleep right away, I browse lovely photos and maybe fine-tune draft posts. I find it helps take my mind off work. I love glimpsing photos & cultures around the world and wish I could spend more time b/c I enjoy the interaction and chance to do more photography (something I too know little about). I agree with others that it takes some discipline, but for now, I'm enjoying the "visual thinking time" outside my strategic/analytic thinking time from work. Phew, sorry for that looong post!

LOLfromPasa said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. I really appreciate it and you all have been super helpful.

Julie - I wondered how much time you spend on your blogs and I will take on board your having 2 sessions a day. You come across as a very dedicated, experienced and proficient blogger. I bow to your expertise demonstrated in the entries you display each day.

VDP - You seem to be involved in a number of online photo projects...which I am going to explore. Means more time. Your key word is 'discipline'. My downfall. So I will try and 'do better'.

Rob - I have never used that program to publish on delay so I might try that. You seem to keep it simple and that sounds pretty good to me.

Lulu - You too have the system of working in advance and tweaking before publishing. I have gone and taken a photo and then posted it. Never done any drafting in advance. So I will try that. Makes good sense especially for someone like you who is a very busy young lady :). I play golf so that is where I can switch the old brain off but you're right - same applies with photography. And, yes, it is great looking all those photos on offer (and brilliant text to go with them)too. I have learned so much about Princeton from you and it fun.

Virginia - I have saved you until last because you replied first and you made me laugh. You sum up perfectly 'where I am with blogging'. So I hope you have enjoy reading the tips from others. (They seem to know what they are talking about...hooray!)

I think we can all say that we miss the City Daily Photo website. It was a great way to share photo and comment. Thank you, thank you again. You are all great and I really do enjoy visiting you on a very regular basis.

PS. Julie and Lulu - Vegemite is what our UK family (now living near Great Ocean Road) have tried and,I think, they like it. But, anyone travelling to visit them must bring a jar of Marmite. I forgot about Bovril, Lulu. It is pretty much the same thing. Can you get Marmite in the State?

Cheers everyone...and thank you again!

Adele said...

Well, first of all, I am behind on my usual routine, and just saw your wonderful post. Thanks SO much for using my blog as your photo. I feel so honored!

Second, thanks for putting this topic out there. I have been trying to tweak my system, as blogging has become more of a time- consumer than I would have originally thought. As you said, though, I have made new friends, and have enjoyed becoming part of this great community. It's been a very enriching experience.

So, at this point, I usually blog ahead of time, and schedule the posts to come out at midnight. Usually a day ahead, but sometimes more, if I know I will be busy.

Regarding comments, I tend to answer individually, so that I can keep track. If my Comments show an odd number, there is probably a new comment to see. Once I've answered it, then the numbers are even again. I haven't figured out anything more efficient yet, but would love to hear suggestions. At this point, I comment on others in little bits of time throughout the day, but usually in a longer chunk either before or after work.

Thanks again - such a great thing to talk about. I guess we're learning together!

LOLfromPasa said...

You're welcome, Adele. It was while I was reading your blog that the question popped into my mind and snap, I thought why not put the question in my blog. The replies are so helpful. That is the most text I have ever posted :).

Making use of the the scheduling tool sounds like something I should try. I think I may have taken the 'Daily' photo theme too literally. I was thinking that if I didn't post something I took on the day...I would soon be found out by others here in the UK (and the CDP police). The weather here is a dead give-away.' So, I will not panic if I don't see a worthy photo to display on the day.

I think you have the comments sorted. I like the format on your blog and I like how your reply is directly connected to the original comment.

All in all this fun but a tad time-consuming hobby which is nicely balanced by the rewards of enjoying loads of interesting photos and 'connecting'. It is fun.

Thanks for your thoughts, Adele. Most appreciated!

Adele said...

FYI, I didn't know about the scheduling option either (was also fearful of CDP Police Repercussions!). Then, one day, Petrea mentioned that she was using a photo from her archives, and Voila! :-)

LOLfromPasa said...

Great how we help each other out!!!!