Friday, 31 August 2012

Rained Off

Roller Skating Rink, Broadgate
Earlier in the week there was a wonderful story in the local newspaper showing a picture of loads of people roller skating in Broadgate.  'Great', I thought.  So next day I arrived in Broadgate, camera in hand together with my UMBRELLA.  My plans for CDP Theme Day (People Watching) was rained off.  Rats!

What fun trying to hold an umbrella and take a picture at the same time.


Cloudia said...

you salvaged a technically fine shot that speaks to your disappointment!

Weekend Aloha from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral
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Adele said...

Still, a great photo! Good luck for tomorrow, and thanks for the reminder that 9/1 is almost here!

Petrea Burchard said...

I am a terrible people-watcher and may post something like this tomorrow!

I posted a response to you on my blog but here it is, just in case you don't have a chance to check in:

LOL, sorry, I won't be posting the photo I was thinking of. My neighbors' house is identifiable and I'm protective of my neighbors and my street. But here's the story:
Early this week, a branch fell in my neighbors' yard. This time it was not the size of my arm, as were the previous branches. It was the size of a mature tree, too big to get my arms around. Had anyone been standing where it landed, as my neighbor's children were doing mere seconds before it came down, they would have been killed.

Folks were pretty shook up.

The arborists who came (and they came quickly) said the tree is healthy. It may have been the heat. The tree may have been balancing itself, because city tree trimmers took off a heavy branch from the tree's other side last year. Nobody knows for sure.

I've never experienced this before, but the arborists tell us, "It happens. Branches fall."


I love it, it shines light on a key piece in taking photos -- the process! :) It's a great picture, there's a certain feeling in it I quite like.

(As a non-FB-er, I'm only learning what the Sept theme day is, so I may very well turn up rather empty handed tomorrow :)

LOLfromPasa said...

How lovely, Cloudia. When I left Pasadena I spent 7 years in Hawaii before moving to England. Interesting too, that Londonlulu is from Hawaii. So here all 3 of us are in the same blog for a moment or two.

All set for today, Adele. I finished this blog with a reference to 'rats' and to my amazement...a hamster is part of my entry for today. Love it.

Petrea, I will respond in your blog about the falling trees. Thank you so much for being sure that I got your message. I am convinced that checking out my favorite blogs has become a daily 'must do'. Over to you in a minute. PS. My husband, English John, says, 'do you really spell 'neighbors' this way?' Gosh, he is butting into my hobby now. This has got to stop!!!!!

Thanks again, Lulu. For me it was the umbrella framing the whole thing. I must have looked a daft idiot when I was taking it. PS Take a leap and join FB. You can keep it very low-key and stay in touch with others. I never planned to reveal who I am on this blog but that has been blown out the water since CDP has had these problem. No worries...I feel more confident now so my identity isn't so much of an issue. I will keep you informed of what is going on if you decide you rather not.)

Petrea Burchard said...

I love the different ways the English and Americans spell the same words. My novel has American and English characters in it, and I use the different spellings depending on who's talking.


Just wanted to say thanks for the FB encouragement! I've debated it a long time and realizing how much of a cave I live in, not even knowing simple things like upcoming Theme Days! You've inspired me to look into it for sure, thank you!

Also, how cool that 3 of us here have been in Hawaii and are now virtually intersecting on your blog, with this post. The internet is amazing! :)


Also meant to say, thank you very much for kindly offering to keep me updated on theme day! :)

Petrea Burchard said...

A good person to check with is Julie of Sydney Eye (Australia). She has really been keeping the theme days together. She's on Facebook and she also posts a "linky" page for theme days.

LOLfromPasa said...

Petrea...what a brilliant idea for your book!!! And, what a challenge to sort out the spelling. I know you are up for it.

LOLfromPasa said...

Lulu...No problem! If you 'really' do live in a cave, it might make an interesting picture for your blog :). (I don't know anyone who lives in a cave ha ha! and I am sure you don't.) To me, Facebook, is particularly good for keeping in touch with family in the States and that is my main use. But, joining the FB CDP Group has motivated me to check in more often. As you say, check it out. One tip: be careful with your security settings and don't put your birth year where the public can see it. Yes, it is supremely cool that there is a little 'pack' of us travelling around blog world. I have noticed several little groups like ours. All part of the fun. Onwards and upwards :) Petrea's advice about checking out Julie's site is good advice, too.


LOL - Thank you very much for all the great FB advice - very much appreciate the suggestions and despite my misgivings about FB, it sounds like it can certainly be a super-handy tool! Well, you have certainly convinced me to at least dip my toes in and have a look :)

Petrea - thanks very much for the tip on Julie's page - I'm so glad she has been supporting and providing us a Theme Day 'home'!


Came back again (I am very forgetful these days) as I meant to say I had a great chuckle about cave-dwelling! Hm, I guess I'm more of a figurative cavewoman (no FB, no TV) than a literal one these days :)

LOLfromPasa said...

I'm smiling, Lulu!