Tuesday, 21 August 2012

One Hour From Coventry To Olney

The above photo was taken just after I asked these two girls if I could take their picture.  Why were they were sitting in the road? 'To keep cool' was their reply. (It was about 90°F at the time.) Below, composure regained and 'click'.

Olney, Buckinghamshire
More on Olney tomorrow.



These are very sweet photos - looks like they have the right idea, cooling off in the shade! Hope you had a nice break. Sounds like you guys are facing a bit of a heat wave...hope you stay cool :)

Stefan Jansson said...

Never tried cooling off on a road. Nice looking gals.

Petrea Burchard said...

Oh dear, and you have humidity. I keep trying to explain to the folks here in southern California that 71% is nothin'!

Adele said...

Well, you have to do what it takes, sometimes. Cute photos. And I agree that our humidity can't be compared to yours. But we are untrained and wimpy!

LOLfromPasa said...

What fun I had taking these photos. I had to ask them to get up so we could drive past...they were sweet.

Too true on the humidity. However, my dear husband suffers with a bad back and he says the humidity makes him feel better. So, I won't complain. I can tell you it beats the damp we will be getting soon. Horrible!!!!!!!!!