Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Coventry University....

....library to the left and Faculty of Engineering and Computing (silver building) to the right.

The photo above was taken last week.  I love these two buildings.  The photo below is taken through window from inside the silver building last night.  We went on a tour.  I'll show you another view 
on Friday and more from inside next week.  

Below is the view from the Ring Road (exit to London Road) looking at some of Coventry University.  Architecture here is diverse with buildings of modern design next to 
foundation ruins of a friary church dating back to 1342.

Left to Right - 
Student accommodation (in distance), 
Student Center (red brick) 
and to the foreground - friary ruins.   

Coventry is home to two outstanding universities - University of Warwick and Coventry University.

Participating in Our World Tuesday.

Tomorrow I will show you a duck :).  


Kate said...

Both are spectacular and unique buildings.


I love these buildings, the architecture is spectacular! (I liked your choice of angles too:) Even though it is a grey-ish day, the light is quite beautiful...I'm looking forward to sweet duckies!

Deb said...

Great looking buildings, are we in for really cute ducklings tomorrow I wonder!

Christopher Frost said...

The university here has some unique buildings as well. One looks like a spaceship, another looks like a large slab of red cheese. It's called the Jubilee Campus. You'll find some photos on my blog, if you're interested

Jack said...

They are pretty unusual. Especially the silver one with the odd window openings.

Anonymous said...

Very fun architecture! The silver building looks like the Mothership or something out of "The Jetsons." I really like the perspective of the second shot with the spires in the distance.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Oh wow, not too sure about this one Lauren. It seems that universities are either really old and traditional in style or super modern..we have a few of each style here in Perth also.

TheChieftess said...

Whoa!!! Interesting...and a bit odd...buildings!!!

Stefan Jansson said...

Great architecture.

LOLfromPasa said...

Kate - Yes, unique sums it up perfectly.
Lulu - The angles are challenging to capture cause nothing is straight up and down :).
Christopher - I am and I did have a look. Wonderful!
Jack - The hooded windows are environmental additions to give shade.
Longbeach - Glad you like seeing the spires. It was difficult...windows were not very clean.
Grace - It is a mix bag for sure but those crazy designs are all for making the building environmentally friendly.
Deb, Chieftess, Stefan - Happy to see you comment. Cheers!