Monday, 1 February 2016

This Way To Herons Café

Coombe Country Park
5 miles east of Coventry on the A427

Today is City Daily Photo Theme Day -
Scenes from Cafés or Coffee Houses

I have chosen a place we visit more than
once a week - located in beautiful Coombe Country Park.

From the car park you will see the Visitors Centre
(and, if you follow this blog, you'll recognise the
'oak tree' I photograph often on the left in the distance
in a Tree Series).

The entrance to Herons Café  is just inside the
Visitors Centre on your right (below).

We were there yesterday after a long walk around the park
in the rain. We always stop here for hot chocolate or coffee.
If you fancy something more substantial, you can choose from
a full menu.  Everyone is friendly and helpful too!

All warm now, so back to the car.
(That's my husband standing there with the red 'brolly'.)
You'll see Coombe Abbey Hotel
further down the drive...


PS.  If it had been a nicer day,
those tables and chairs (below) would be
outside.  Next time, I'm sure!

For more Café and Coffee House scenes from around the world,
please follow the link -


Fun60 said...

A hot chocolate after a walk in the rain - perfect.

William Kendall said...

The park does look like a delightful place for a walk, even in such weather, and no doubt the cafe is welcome after that walk!

Jack said...

Long walks in the rain? Aren't you the brave ones! Something hot afterward would definitely be needed.

Stephanie said...

Lovely shots!

Petrea Burchard said...

Really nice set of photos, Lauren.

Sharon Anck said...

That really does look like a wonderful place to visit.

Tanya Breese said...

wonderful photos lol!!

Lowell said...

That is some park. And I like that restaurant a lot, too. Your photos are very special and exude your affection for this place!

cieldequimper said...

Must be fantastic in the summer!

Loire Daily Photo said...

A great place to go whatever the weather is like! I love your header by the way. That ruined church is just so beautiful.

RedPat said...

On a sunny day this would be a great place!

Nicol Carm said...

A perfect place to rest after a lovely walk in the park.

Peter van den Besselaar said...

Nice atmosphere. When I look at your husband, it's almost if I see myself!

Merisi said...

What lovely place tucked away at that visitor centre!
Smiled when I spotted the 'brolly', haven't heard that word in some time. ;-)

Thank you for sharing your café world with us,

Halcyon said...

Herons are one of my favorite birds, so I'd definitely try this cafe!

EG CameraGirl said...

Hope the weahetr is indeed nicer the next time your there. I bet it's wonderful to sit outdoors!

PerthDailyPhoto said...

I must say I'm not surprised that your favourite cafe is in Coombe Park Lauren, perfect after a long walk around the park and in summer sitting outside would be fab. I have a couple of well frequented cafes I go to where they don't even have to ask what I want when I walk in, is it the same for you here? :)