Monday, 29 February 2016

Painted On The Wall In 1590

St. Mary's Guildhall
Mercers' Room

Mercers Company Coat of Arms

The Mercers' Room is located in the
Guildhall's Gatehouse (built 1340-42).
In 1590 the room was leased by the
Mercers Company to be used as their meeting hall.
The Mercers Company in Coventry had a membership
merchants and traders.

* * *
I wish I could say I have a photo
of the actual room.  I don't.
I took this one of the mural in 2012
on a Heritage Open Day and came across it the other day.  
I recall deleting room shots because they were poor.
Ironically, I used to work in St Mary's Hall
years ago.  Why didn't I take a loads of shots then :). 

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bill said...

Nice mural. Sometimes I ask myself that same question, why didn't I take more photos when I use to frequent the place :)

Cloudia said...

You win Most Historic!

RedPat said...

It is in amazing condition!

Tom said...

wow 1590, that was before I was born

Jens Hamn said...

a great painting here! I am impressed by these work of art that cross the centuries!

bettyl-NZ said...

What a wonderful piece of history. Alas, I have the same regrets about places, too.

William Kendall said...

Remarkable detail!

PerthDailyPhoto said...

1590! Oh la that is astounding Lauren.. looks like it has been beautifully looked after over the years, centuries even!

Lowell said...

That's quite incredible to think this was painted so long ago! It's in very good shape. I know what you mean about not taking photos of places and later regretting our neglect! Thank you for your nice complimentary comments today! Hope you're dong well.

Sharon Anck said...

It's hard for me to think about how old this is and that there was a merchants and traders organization back in 1590. Amazing.

SRQ said...

Incredible history. Beautiful mural. You can tell it's been well cared for (at least somewhat recently).

Halcyon said...

What a beautiful mural. Amazing how long it has lasted!

Oakland Daily Photo said...

How fabulous is this? And so old. Thanks for contributing to this week's Monday Mural.