Thursday, 14 January 2016

Postcard from California

Kelso, California
Holiday Photographs

Kelso Depot is located in the Mojave Desert.  We like
visiting old restored railway stations and this one fits the bill.
Amazingly, it is located in the middle of the desert.
We stopped by here on a drive between Las Vegas and Palm Springs.

The trains pass by frequently.  The only downfall
is getting there...the roads are a bit rough 
so allow plenty of time :).

Back to Coventry photos tomorrow!


William Kendall said...

The architecture is highly appealing!

Bill Nicholls said...

Nice holiday photo, I suppose it does not get many visitors from what you say of the access to it

Sharon Anck said...

Oh wow, I haven't even heard of this place. I'm going to look it up. It might be a good weekend outing. Gorgeous photos.

Lowell said...

It's beautiful, Lauren! I remember Palm Springs mostly because of brief stops there on trips between Phoenix and L.A. I also remember date shakes at the Dairy Queen. They were exquisite and I've never seen one since except at another Dairy Queen in Phoenix.

Stephanie said...

Attractive architecture.