Monday, 13 July 2015

Congratulations to Laura Davies

Dame Laura Davies, DBE, was inducted into the
World Golf Hall of Fame today.  This is a
wonderful achievement for a talent golfer who was born in Coventry.

Two Coventry Kids

I used this photograph back in 2012 
when my husband and I met Laura Davies at the Women's British Open
at Hoylake near Liverpool.  We have watched Laura
play golf several times here and in the USA (most recently this year in
Carlsbad, California).


Stefan Jansson said...

More than talented I think. She was a great golfer to watch when she was at her best.

William Kendall said...

Good for her!

Jack said...

Yes, congratulations to her. I read earlier today that Arnold Palmer sent his plane to fetch her to the hall of fame event.

Jane and Chris said...

What an accomplished lady! (She sounds like a hoot too!)
Jane x

Stephanie said...

Great capture!

Halcyon said...

Great news that a local girl has made it so far. :D

Halcyon said...

Or should I say local lady!

Sharon Anck said...

Congratulations to Laura! What a great photo!