Friday, 3 July 2015

My Sort Of View

Brancaster, Norfolk

Royal West Norfolk Golf Club

These photos were taken earlier this week when Mr LOL and I
spent a few days in Norfolk.  The coastline is
dotted with wonderful, picturesque villages not far from the seaside.

In the photo above you can see this amazing
links course is just beyond me.  That fence runs along the top of sand dunes.
In the photo below you can see more of the beach and the North Sea.
The big building is the clubhouse for the golf club.

Brancaster is a good 3 hours from Coventry.
We stayed in the area for three nights.  I'll share
more photos from this area early next week.

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Lowell said...

What a wonderful area. Love the beach, too. Lots of sand. And the links course - I've never played one and would hope to do one of these days. The British Open (or as it's known over there, "The Open," will be played at ol' St. Andrews again this year - the birthplace of golf.

Thanks for these great photos!

William Kendall said...

A beautiful area... if only someone had gone back in time and taken out the guy who invented golf!

*prepares to be attacked by golfing fanatics*

Gale said...

Every beach has it's own character. Thanks for sharing these on Sky Watch!

Cloudia said...

Mine too! Summer fabulous

( '>


Felicia said...

beautiful views, love the fence.

Linda said...

Such inviting photos! Makes me want to go to the beach!

Kalp anaa said...

Such a pleasure to visit your blog and see your amazing photos. That fence is quite special.

Jane and Chris said...

It looks wonderful..the beach,I courses are not on the top of my likes!
Jane x

The History Anorak said...

We're heading that way in a few weeks. Looks lovely!

Merisi said...

Your views are nothing short of spectacular, beautifully captured!

RedPat said...

I have a friend in Cromer and have visited several times so have explored this area a lot and it is wonderful. Looking forward to your pics of your stay.

cieldequimper said...

Marvellous. I have some very fond if old memories of the Norfolk coast!

EG CameraGirl said...

Very pretty there!

Jack said...

Golf, beach, beauty. It isn't missing much.