Monday, 12 November 2012

Day After Remembrance Sunday

Old Coventry Cathedral
Day After Remembrance Sunday

Today, I was planning to go to one of the little villages near Coventry and take photos of a war memorial.   That didn't happen - too much rain.  Instead I went with my husband to town.  He had a chiropractor appointment. While he was getting his back sorted I nipped into the Old Cathedral nearby.  This is what I found.

This is a wonderful tribute to a Regiment that lost soldiers in both world wars. This memorial was damaged during the Blitz.  During a fierce battle against the Germans in Caen, France, in July, 1944, the Regiment lost nearly all of its troops.  See BBC's WW2 People's War for more about the Regiment and this memorial.

PS. All went well at the chiropractor and somebody is standing up a bit taller now :).


Deb said...

Nice contrast between the battered old memorial and the brand new poppy wreath.
Glad the visit to the chiropractor was worthwhile.

Paul in Powell River said...

Great post! I think it's fitting this plaque, commemmorating those that fell in the "war to end all wars" sits in a cathedral damaged in the next one. Though I hope the new Cathedral has one too, for all your vets.


Happy serendipity - his back is now better and you got these great shots! I love seeing this after the bombarded Cathedral in the previous post, a fitting way to remember.

(p.s. Mr. L always says the Graduate College area makes him think of England:)

Adele said...

Very moving tribute. I'm so glad to hear that Mr. LOL is doing well.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Love this memorial, the state it's in makes it seem so much more authentic. Happy the chiropractic visit went well.

Paul B said...

Its a pity that the Royal Warwicks are long gone. I spent some time messing with their successor regt the RRF but by then they were all Geordies. The only connection today is the mascot, a tradition carried on from the Warwicks. Its great news about the chiropractor, delivering relief.

LOLfromPasa said...

Powell River Paul - I understand that there is a memorial in the new Cathedral for both wars. Hope to see it at some point.

Paul B - Thanks for that bit of information.

Mr. LOL says 'thank you' to you all for your kind thoughts. He is feeling much better.

Serendipity indeed, Lulu.