Monday, 30 July 2012

More on Godiva Awakes

Godiva Awakes


Sitting down outside Coventry Police Station .
  Ready to go.

On Friday I had photos of Godiva covered awaiting her unveiling outside Coventry Cathedral.  Yesterday, she walked around Coventry City Centre in a parade. (I wish I could have seen that.)  Late yesterday, she finally got to sit down and be driven, using cycle power, off  to London.  A pool of 100 cyclist taking turns transporting Godiva (25 at a time) on this week long trip.  For more information - The Journey from Coventry to London 

Heading up The Mount, Coventry
So there we have it.  An ambitious project which has certainly captured the imagination of many.  She began her epic journey to London yesterday.  If you would like to see how she appeared in Coventry City Centre  yesterday...have a look at the BBC link here:  BBC Photos of Godiva Awakes.  (Please note that these photos will only be there for a day.)

PS.  I believe that tonight in Rugby Godiva will be raised to 10 meters on her horse.  Tickets sold surprises there.



She looks appropriately festive and regal alike. I especially love the rich colors in that first photo! What a project, hope I catch glimpses of the lady herself during the Olympics - now off to peek at some BBC links! :)

Adele said...

So amazing. How great that you were there!