Thursday, 16 February 2012

What Time Is It? Have A Look At Coventry's Unique Timepiece.

All these raised squiggly lines of cement represent the world's time zones and stretches across a large open space outside the Coventry Transport Museum to create a 24-hour clock.  It is interesting and pretty to look at, especially when these lines light up at night.  This photograph is taken from what looks like a glass bridge.

Coventry's Millennium Clock, Millennium Place
Explanation of Time Piece
In doing my research about this 'clock', I can tell you that it was designed by Francoise Schein at a cost of £5.5 million (ouch!) as part of the Phoenix Project.  The Project was completed in 2004, regenerating the nearby area. In 2011 it was proposed to remove this 'clock' in order to provide a safer surface for the public to congregate if they want to watch the 2012 Olympic on a large TV screen facing the 'clock'.  Is this really the plan....well, I wonder.

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