Thursday, 9 February 2012

Baginton, UK - Yesterday it was 'Trains' - Today Avro Vulcan 'Plane'

City of Coventry Avro Vulcan

This spectacular plane (above) is on view as you drive past the Midland Air Museum in Baginton.  My photo is taken from the road.   The Museum is located near Coventry Airport and there are plenty of planes to view.  

Yesterday, I visited the Midland Air Museum not realising that all the trains next door to the Museum were part of another museum (the Electric Railway Museum - see post for 8th February, 2012).  The Film, 'Train, Planes & Automobiles' came to my husband's mind as we stood outside both of these museum.

For more information about the Midland Air Museum have a look HERE.  This particular Vulcan plane has a story which you can read about HERE

Tomorrow we move from 'Train, Planes' to 'Automobiles'.  

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