Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Perfect Day For A Wedding

Coombe Abbey Hotel
Today in the Sunshine

A wedding on Tuesday?  Yes, especially when the weather is
like it was today.  That's the happy couple above (taken
with a very long lens).  Below is the view across the lake.
(Note the people sitting on the bench - far left.)

(Below) There they are!  My husband was busy chatting 
with this nice trio when I was snapping away.  
Think he was hinting for some wedding cake :).

Yes, a perfect day for a wedding!

Participating in Our World Tuesday

To the celebrating trio: If you want a print without my ©,
email me.  Otherwise, you have my permission to copy any of these
photographs.  Nice chatting with you!


Jacob said...

Maybe you ought to take up wedding photography. Fun fotos and what a beautiful place for a colorful wedding!

Stephanie said...

Great photos, beautiful place!

William Kendall said...

Splendid shots! Not everyone has to get married on a Saturday, after all.

Jacob said...

Hi Lauren! Oh, I'll bet you are very happy with this year's Masters tourney! Wow. 66/1. You are a smart person. I was glad to see him win as he really hung in there and did his thing, and I can't imagine the pressure he was under.

Re your comment on the celebration post: Nada. I just thought the photo said "celebration." Of course, in another two months we'll be celebrating our 59th wedding anniversary (if we make it! Ha, ha, ha!), so we'll be celebrating then!

Hope you're doing well. I have come to love Coventry through your photos.

Kate said...

What a wonderful event. Everyone looks so happy, esp the bride and groom.

TheChieftess said...

Love the bride and groom!!! Beautiful day (and location!) for a wedding!

Lois said...

How sweet! What a gorgeous place.

Cloudia said...

Such bright wonderful photos! I wish them the best

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Perfect spot for an English wedding on a beautiful spring day Lauren, loved this series of shots, bet they do too!

Karl Demetz said...

A sunny and happy day for all !
All the best to the bride and groom.

Sharon Anck said...

Wow, this couple did have a perfect day for their wedding. They will have fond memories of this day.

cieldequimper said...


Fun60 said...

The bride must have been delighted to wake up and see the sun shining so brightly on her wedding day.

Halcyon said...

Great weather and a fantastic venue!

Gunn said...

Looks fantastic, the place, the couple, the guests (inclusive very smart hats, - not common here in Norway). Perfect day for a big wedding! Happy images that many people will be pleased to see and to have.