Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Celebrating Coventry City's Big FA Cup Win

Herbert Art Gallery & Museum Coventry City FC Exhibit
Here we have a sample of the great memorabilia from Coventry City Football Club's Football Association Cup win 25 years ago.  The trophy is a replica but that is the football they won with and you can see some of the team in the background.   It is a great exhibit celebrating a great day in the City's history.



Love the bluesy-blues & unusual composition from an everyday scene.

Chrissy Brand said...

I remember thw 1987 final well- it was very exciting and I was please Coventry won it for the first time!

Funnt how we both covered our different local sky blue football teams today!

LOLfromPasa and Ace said...

Chrissy - Great minds think alike :). I missed the boat though. Woke up this morning to hear on the news that today (16th) is the actual 25th anniversary. Should have done that photo today instead of yesterday. Oh well - live and learn.

Londonlulu - That team photograph is actually back and white...it does amaze me how the colours change slightly. Don't remember the green being so 'green'. But I like it :)