Sunday, 1 April 2012

Going UP? Gulson Hospital, Coventry

There is a charming walkway beside the River Sherbourne between Gulson Road and Gosford Street.  This staircase caught my eye.  I believe it is attached to one of the old Gulson Road Hospital buildings.  It looks inviting on a beautiful day like today.  No joke.  Happy April Fools Day!  I'll take the 'elevator' any day.


Julie said...

Hah! yes, me too. My knees would be done with the first layer.

I start with this post on 1st April through sheer convenience on my part. I will try to look through my posts as this evening progresses.

I adore the label 'LOL from Pasadena". YOu go, girl.

Welcome to CDPB. We are a friendly community, and I hope to see you around the traps.

LOLfromPasa and Ace said...

Thank You, Julie. I am so glad that CDPB is back online. Great website. Take care. LOLfromPasa :)