Sunday, 22 April 2012

From Russia With Love.....This Bench?

That is the question.

Next to Volgograd Place, Coventry
When I discovered this creation I was disappointed that there was no information (that I could see) telling me about it.  Well, I have since learned that Coventry was first twinned (in 1944) with Stalingrad, Russia. And, Stalingrad has since changed its name to Volgograd (in 1961).  To mark the 65th Anniversary of the twinning of these two Cities, Volgograd presented a bench and other gifts to Coventry.  Could this be the bench which is said to be located in Hales Street somewhere between Volgograd Place and the Peace Gardens.  Most likely, 'Yes'.  In the meantime....I think this bench is a work of art.


paul said...

Very impressive, and a nice quiet corner. The all-important question: is it comfortable to sit on, and is it being used?

LOLfromPasa and Ace said...

Oh gosh....I wish I could report back that it is a quiet corner. Sitting on the bench you are facing a road and the best view is behind the bench. Comfort? Well, not bad!!!!

Steffe said...

Very cool I think.

LOLfromPasa and Ace said...

I was blown away when I saw this bench. It truly is 'cool' :).