Thursday, 1 March 2012

Spon Street - Historic Buildings & A Watch Museum

Spon Street has on display a number of beautiful historic timber framed buildings.  The photograph below is not an example of that.  These 3 modest dwellings date back to early 1800's when many people lived in 'court houses', commonly found in Coventry.  There is a suggestion that these are Coventry's last example of court house dwellings.  'Watch' out, there is a surprise to be found here on.
Court 7 (Number 22, 23, 24), Spon Street, Coventry

A watch museum!  The Coventry Watch Museum Project purchased this property and their museum is just beyond those historic court houses.  I am looking forward to visiting the museum very soon. For more information about Coventry Watch Museum, click the link HERE.                   

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