Thursday, 26 January 2012

Petrol Prices going up?

Price today for Petrol in Coventry.  10p more on M6. Ouch!
This rates may go up or it may go done (ha ha).  In any event, I won't complain when I go to Pasadena next trip and pay a whole lot less.  (Today's exchange rate:  1 British Pound = $1.51.  So a gallon of  DIESIL would cost $9.68.  Petrol would be a bargain at $9.13.)  To be fair I should mention that UK gallon is slightly larger than the USA.  UK rules OK at least on size of gallon!

Oh!  Just have to add that I wish I got the whole security camera in the shot.  It demonstrates that security is needed to protect this precious fuel from being nicked.

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