Monday, 22 July 2019

The Butterfly Effect

Coventry Cathedral Ruins

What you see is a display of 1000 locally crafted
medal butterflies created for this display.
The Butterfly Effect is a fundraising event
on behalf of  The Myton Hospices.

Read more below.....

The display will be at The Coventry Cathedral until
2nd August, 2019.


RedPat said...

That is a wonderful idea! And nicely done too!

Fun60 said...

Hospices do a wonderful job. I hope this is a very successful fundraising event.

Billy Blue Eyes said...

Worthy charity, I thought they were poppies at first

William Kendall said...

Similar in some respects to that poppy concept at the Tower some years ago. Lovely!

Agnes Agnieszka said...

Nice photos