Tuesday, 2 May 2017

The Circular Tower

Easenhall, Warwickshire
Easenhall Lodge (Grade II listed estate house, circa 1871)
 and Easenhall Cricket Club

Oh how I wish the sun was out when we drove
through Easenhall Village earlier today.
What do you think about that house?
It is described as 'a good example of High Victorian Gothic estate house'.
Fantastic, isn't it.
(Below) is the village cricket ground located next to the house.

 No lawnmowers necessary here.  I'm guessing 
those sheep will keep the grass neatly trimmed :).

These photos were taken with my iPhone this afternoon.


Lois said...

It's gorgeous!

Lowell said...

Love the house and its surroundings! Beautiful photo work, too. An iPhone 7?

William Kendall said...

A beautiful building, and friendly neighbours!

Petrea Burchard said...

So pretty, all of it.

Fun60 said...

The grass is so green. Yes that is a very impressive house.

Lowell said...

I find it incongruous that you had to look up the word, "incongruity." Nonetheless, your confession makes everything all right. That's one of those words that stuck with me. I would have to look up many others, I'm sure. iPhone 6s does really nice work. It's just a bit big for me that's why I traded my iPhone 6 for a 7. I think Apple should troll the mobs and call the next one iPhone 22. :)

Gunn said...


I just have to see more of England.
You show us so many beautiful places.