Friday, 27 January 2017

Monks Kirby - Benchmark

Church of St Edith, Monks Kirby

I take great delight in finding a
'benchmark'.  See the cut mark in the stone 
of the church tower (below)?  This serves as
an elevation reference point. 

Below are a few more photographs around the church.
The view behind the church is a fine example of
why I love living in Coventry.  It only takes me
5 minutes by car from my home to be out in countryside like this.

Below is a view of the church across the fields.
It looks a big church and I can assure you - it is!

For more about benchmarks, please click the link HERE
For more about the Church of St Edith, please click the link HERE

Also, please click on the 'labels' below for other benchmarks I
have photographed, pictures of St Edith and/or Monks Kirby.


William Kendall said...

An impressive and imposing church, and in such a pretty location!

Jack said...

Quite a nice variety of images today, LOL. I must have missed your earlier "benchmarks" (or I have forgotten them as I approach senility!).

RedPat said...

What a gorgeous area you are in!

Fun60 said...

The benchmark was well spotted. What delightful scenery.

Lowell said...

Wonderful post, and I these are super photos. I do love old churches, even when they're falling down. The name St. Edith made me laugh. One of the poems in my book is entitled "Edith" and makes fun of the name. The 2nd verse reads thusly:

Maybe Edith was a saint
Saint Edith?
I can't say for sure
but I don't think the congress of saints
would admit Edith to their ranks.
Emmanuelle perhaps. Not Edith.

Later, to my chagrin, I learned there was, indeed, a St. Edith. Fortunately, I'm not easily embarrassed. :)

bill burke said...

It stands tall in all its glory. What a beautiful and impressive looking church. Must be nice to be located in your neighborhood, you can visit anytime which is fantastic.

Linda said...

Wonderful pictures of an impressive church!

Petrea Burchard said...

Your photos and info make me so eager to visit!

Sharon Anck said...

Such beautiful photos. It makes me wish I was there. The next time I visit, I need to spend more time in the more rural areas. It will be hard because I love London so much but, there is so much more to see.

Lois said...

It is beautiful country. I love all of your photos!

Tanya Breese said...

gorgeous, all of it...i'm in awe!