Saturday, 7 May 2016

Coombe - Benchmark

Entrance to Coombe Abbey Hotel
as well as Coombe Country Park
Brinklow Road

When you drive down the Brinklow Road,
just outside Coventry, you can't help but notice
these two pillars and the magnificent Coombe Abbey Hotel beyond.

My interest today is the curious mark on the
left pillar noted by an arrow in the photo below.

Have a closer look below.
The white arrow is pointing at a
benchmark at the base of the pillar.

The benchmark is that 'line' with (what looks
like) an arrow pointing up to it.
The benchmark serves as an elevation reference point.
This one no longer appears on Ordnance Survey maps.
When the reference point was chiseled in the stone,
 these pillars were located just down the road, 
presumably at a different elevation.  

* * * * * 
In preparing for today's post, I was interested to read that
at some point in the 1960s these pillars were originally sited about 60 yards
to the east.  The pillars supported wrought iron gates
 known as the Griffin Gate. I have read further that these gates were
removed for safekeeping when the pillars were moved to their present
location.   I wonder where the gates are now.

In the photo below I am looking towards what was the 
carriage entrance (next to red car behind the trees).
The main entrance is behind me.

(Below) The Griffin Gate was originally here
at the carriage entrance to Coombe Abbey.
This road runs parallel to the main entrance driveway.  

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Kate said...

You did lots of research for this post, and I appreciate the info as well as the photos.

Sharon Anck said...

Those benchmarks are very interesting. It's also interesting that those posts have been moved. They look like they have been right where they are for a very long time.

Jacob said...

I find everything here has a stateliness about it, and a bit of mystery, too. Plus, it's just downright beautiful. Will you show us the hotel, or have you already done that?

I thought the benchmark would read, "LOL from Pasa." :)

William Kendall said...

The pillars are visually interesting, and those flowers are a pretty sight!

bill burke said...

The photos show us how beautiful the area is and of course all of its history. Thanks for all of the info that you shared. I wonder how you got interested in those benchmarks, I bet they were hard to see. I never heard of them but I like learning things I know nothing about :)

RedPat said...

How interesting about the benchmarks!

Francisco Manuel Carrajola Oliveira said...

Excelente trabalho fotográfico.
Um abraço e bom fim de semana.

Stewart M said...

I always liked finding bench marks as a kid - my Dad always made a bit of a fuss about maps and such like, so that is probably why.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

Stephanie said...

Interesting info on the Benchmarks. Love that shot of the meadow, the fencing.

The Greenockian said...

Now I know what a benchmark is! Good post.

Fun60 said...

I am sure those gates will turn up one day. Like you I wonder where they have been stored.

Jack said...

You are becoming quite a student of local architecture.

Lois said...

This is such an interesting post. I had never heard of benchmarks before.