Thursday, 31 October 2013

Thatched Roof Thursday #48 - Near Coventry

This is a perfectly manicured thatched roof cottage
as viewed from the back garden.
Yes, a very nice person very kindly
allowed me to step into her back garden
 last week to take this shot.
Love the blue sky too!


We are all set!  Plenty of sweets here :).
I saw 3 houses decorated outside this year!

Have fun!


Jane and Chris said...

What a delightful cottage!
Happy Halloween!
Jane x

Kim Hkiss said...

Vary beautiful cottage my kind of house.

Thanks for the visit I do appreciate it.
Kim, USA

Chel @ Sweetbriar Dreams said...

When I used to live in a thatched cottage, people used to always be taking photos and I would invite them to take a break from their walk to sit in the garden (on a decent day that was). Beautiful cottage and the thatch is in really good condition. Happy Halloween xx

Bill Nicholls said...

Reminds me of some of the thatched houses in the villages round where I live

Jack said...

This is a beautiful thatched house, LOL. It is a bit more elegant than some others you have shown.

In Florida I live in a gated community and there are few families with small children. No visitors tonight! Back in West Hartford, we usually got 100 or more kids visiting.

Stephanie said...

Lovely thatched house.

Bev said...

Such a perfect house!!

Chrissy Brand said...

Your thatched roof photos always send my heart a-flutter!

Anonymous said...

I love the houses where you live! Hope you had happy Halloween with lots of cute, little monsters coming to call.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Wonderfully English image here Lauren, this thatch gets a lot of love you can tell oui!